Horse Lessons

I started taking group lessons in 2004 when a flyer for a local adult education program chanced into our mailbox. I started looking at the art classes first because I have splendid memories of the art classes I took as a child and a teenager, most of which were the result of scheduling conflicts. There were a few that caught my eye, like the Altered Books class. I’ve always wanted to get a foundation in drawing and that got my attention too. So I kept flipping through the brochure when I saw it — Adult Riding Lessons. My God.

I put the brochure down, picked it back up, looked at the price, thought it reasonable, looked again, put the brochure down, warily circled the table, got out the checkbook, worried about what my husband would think, thought, “Dammit! No one can stop me!”, realized that no one was trying to stop me (much less my husband) — and then started to think seriously about it.

Horseback riding lessons. When was the last time I’d ridden a horse? Well, about 3 years earlier, during temporary and swiftly abandoned incarnation as a travel rider, I had a miserable experience on an excited creature with a big ugly wound on its neck. Horseback riding was one of the activities offered to tourists and since we were writing about the tourism stuff, we got to do it. Yes, we were on the beach and in Florida, but it was still awful. I couldn’t control the horse worth a damn and he knew it. All I could do was hang on and I hate just hanging on. I’m so completely sure that I’m going to die that I can’t enjoy myself (the theme of “I’m going to die” will resurface time and again in this blog). And to prepare for that experience, my friend Celia had graciously taken me riding at my request — where all I could do was hang on and be sure that I was going to die (see?).

So I asked my husband if it was OK with him. He looked at me like I was more than slightly addled for asking permission and then said, also graciously, “Go ahead, honey!”

I’m fortunate to have such gracious friends, such a gracious love, such people in my life! And fortunate to be on a mailing list for the Upper Arlington Adult Lifelong Learning Program! And so fortunate to have $ in the checking account! Doesn’t take much sometimes, you know, to get back on board with a dream.


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