The Little Things

It’s the little things, isn’t it — or aren’t they? For some reason, I can never ever remember the preferred way to saddle up the horse. I mean, I don’t put the thing on backwards (my awkwardness isn’t that bad but I do get awkward), but I forget the little things, like running the billet straps through the other little elastic strappy things on the saddle pad. Is that so hard to remember? Well, for me, the answer is often “Yes, it’s that hard to remember. I know I’ve been doing this for a year and a half and you’d think that once a week for a year and a half would get the mechanics of this in place.” You’d think.

Well, this time when I tacked up, I made it a point to remember what Amanda was telling me. See, what I now remember about the girth is:

1. The buckle on the elastic end goes on the left side of the horse.

2. I only need buckle through the first hole. Then I go around and;

3. Pull the girth through as tight as possible on the right side so that;

4. When we walk into the ring and the horse deflates its abdomen, there will be some girth on the left side (the one with the elastic) and we’ll be able to tighten things from there.

I also noticed that the girth had a ring on one side, presumably for some kind of Martingale device, which also helps in remembering which side is which. I felt so proud of myself for noticing that one! Yippee!!!

Next lesson, I’ll make notes about the bridle.


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