Dreaming in Horses

I had the best dream last night! It was simple and plain; just the sort of dream I like the best. I dreamed I was leading a horse. The horse was brown and had some sort of white blaze on its face. There was nothing fancy or identifiable about the animal other than it had a beautiful curved neck, like a noble equestrian statue.

And we weren’t doing anything fancy either; it was just like the end of a regular lesson, the time when I walk the horse back to his stall after grooming him in the cross-ties. And it was so real! The horse was trying to get ahead of me, I was reminding him to stay back, either by making him stay or by putting my elbow in his shoulder. We walked on together, the lesson over the for day. I was perfectly engaged in the moment but I can’t speak for the horse.

It was the kind of work I enjoy — the simple, step-one basics that are about everything even though, on the surface, they have nothing to do with jumping on a horse and cantering into the the sunset. I love the basics. I love learning how to stand, how to hold the rope, how to walk with the horse, how to breathe, how to think.

And I feel victorious when I get up in the morning and realize that my subconscious is truly engaged in these building-block matters.

(Today’s picture, Dreaming Horses, is by Franz Marc)



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2 responses to “Dreaming in Horses

  1. I read your questions you posted on Horsetopia.com. I wanted to comment on your blog since I am a woman and I just purchased my very first horse. I am 37 years old and my fiance is 28 years old. He owns three horses and I’ve fallen in love with them also. I’ve always been an animal lover since a young age. Lately I’ve been rescuing dogs. My fiance and I actually met because of a dog. I’d rescued a Black and Tan Coonhound a year ago. I couldn’t find him a new home with lots of room to roam. I posted the dog for sale on a website and my fiance’s son found it. It was a win/win situation. My future stepson has a dog he loves and I get a husband.

    Anyway, two weeks ago I purchased an APHA Sorrel Tobiano QH. Sierra (registered name: Kiowah’s Surprise)is sooooo beautiful. She’s a filly who just turned a year old in January. I saw her picture on Horsetopia.com and showed her to my fiance who called. I couldn’t sleep the night before we went to see her. I had dreams about her the entire night! Once I saw her, I knew she had to be mine. I could have stood all day just kissing her! Sierra has a beautiful blonde mane that looks and feels like silk. Her tail is tri-colored with blonde, red and black. I’m sure there are probably “correct” color names in the horse world but I, too, am a newbie to horsespeak.

  2. Thank you animal lover! Oh my gosh, you purchased a filly? Wow! That means you’ll get to train her and all that, right? Do you board or do you have land at home? Thanks for posting!–>

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