Just One Thing

vhgcarousel7.gifEver feel like you wish you could remember Just One Thing from a certain experience, like your riding lesson? Just one thing.  Just one itty bitty thing that would actually stick in your brain and slop over into the next week.  I sure wish that would happen to me! 

Today, out at Avalon, I rode Stalker again and here follows just a few of the things I need to keep in mind:

1) Keep my toes pointed forward or in.  Not out.  In.

2) Relax

3) Push the horse forward with my thighs.  This is facilitated by the keeping in of the toes which makes my whole leg roll in correctly.

4) Keep the butt underneath the rest of the self.

5) Keep the chest open and the small of the back relaxed.

6) Remember to find and stay on the diagonal (this concept warrents its own post) 

7) Keep the hands down

8) Don't pitch forward

Ga!  An I ever going to get a hold of just one thing? What should I think about between now and next week?  I want to pick one thing and turn it over and over agian in my brain until I"m sure sure sure that I've got it — and then once I'm up on Stalker, I realize that I don't got it.

Today's image is courtesy of www.virtualhorse.com


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