I Love My New Stable!

It's perfect!  Perfect!  My teacher, Leah, describes it as a family stable because there are kids running all over the place.  For some reason, this doesn't bother me in the slightest.  I suppose because it's all about the horses and riding the horses, so the kid-sized interuptions don't seem so bad.

The kids are students and/or Leah's daughters, who are six and look like they were born stuck to horses.  Whey they aren't riding, they're doing something or another with a pony, or they're playing with a stick horse.  A stick horse!  Surrounded by ponies and they play with a stick horse!  I think it's great!

What else?  Well, there's a home-made feel and flabor to the place that I adore.  The barns and outbuildings are old, but some new ones are under construction too, so there's piles of construction-related stuff here and there.  One of the gates (not an important one) closes with a twine bow-tie knot.

But at all times, it is clear that Management is on the ground and very much in charge and is teaching everyone else to be polite, considerate, and in charge of their horses.  It's great to be around kids AND adults who are open to learning a thing or two. 


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