Horse Longing Part I

Good God, this has become a real problem for me!  Sometimes I spend a solid hour looking at horses on Horsetopia! I mean, I should be

  • reading a horse book
  • working on my fiction or my brilliant freelance careeer
  • practising the guitar
  • thinking seriously about the upcoming hiring fair at Starbucks (I know, I know; bad idea)

At least doing something,  But no.  Yesterday I found an ad for a beautiful paint horse near the Queen City and he's so %$#%^ beautiful and the write-up is so compelling that I've stopped dead in my tracks to obsess about a horse. Again. Got he's pretty and God he sounds nice!

The last two horses that I obsessed about went very fast on Horsetopia, providing some evidence that at least I have good taste even if I'm lacking in sense. 



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