The Knees


British Knees (just because).

The significant body part for Capricorns is the knee, or knees if one has two.  I’ve never understood this and always thought it was silly.  Knees?  Why are knees important for Capricorns?  Does this mean they are powerful?  Does this mean they are weak and must be protected? Does it mean I should wrap them in Ace bandages or always wear knee protection like roller skaters? 

I’ve decided after my last lesson that what knees mean for me, the Capricorn rider, is that I must pay extra special attention to them because I let them stick out and flap. 

I have flappy knees.  Lovely.

So while riding, in addition to tucking my bubble butt, leading with my hips, relaxing, turning my toes in, performing Kegels, reciting T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, and balancing a basket of eggs on my head, I have to remember to not let my knees flap (just kidding about some of that stuff — can you guess which ones?).


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