Oooo, yesterday we (me n’ Mopey) did some bending, that thing where the horse is going forward but his head is turned into the ring.  It was cool! I’m so glad I took a Yoga class that morning, because I think it helped me to keep my shoulders in the correct alignment.  The Mope-ster responded to pressure from my inside leg and because he’s very experienced and a darling, he ignored the pressure I unwittingly bestowed with my outside leg.

So that’s another challenge; to be aware what the outside leg is doing because I can’t ignore it.  When I ignore it, my toes turn waaaay out and I’m pressing my heel into the side of the horse; a clear signal to move away from the pressure.  With weirdo pressure on both sides (inside leg coming forward, outside leg doing God-knows-what), a horse other than Mopey might have . . . well, I don’t know what another horse would do but at least I do, so I can work on it. 


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Filed under Riding Skills, The Rider's Body

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