A Friend Mentions Something About Horses

I was late the other day to a lesson, and so went over to my friend Laurie’s house to pick up my share of our vegetable subscription since I was too late to meet her at the vegetable handoff.  I was all decked out in my riding togs because I loooove having an excuse to parade around in my dusty half-chaps:  “Look at me!  I’ve been HORSEBACK riding!  Don’t you with you were going HORSEBACK riding?” and so the subject of horses came up.

Turns out she’s been following the fortunes of Barbaro pretty close and has come to realize that she’s interested in horses.  Not interested in riding them, leading them around, feeding them, or even touching them, but interested nonetheless.  I’ll check with my teacher next time I go out for a lesson and see if I can bring Laurie along some time.  Maybe we can bring an extra chair for her and she can sit and watch.  I think that’s what she wants to do, but I need to make sure. She also needs to feel safe while she does it.  You know, when horses snort and stomp and whatnot, it’s pretty scary if you’re not used to it.  And they are so darned big!

She also had a bad experience with a horse sneezing all over her some years back and doesn’t want to repeat the experience.  It was gross and icky and it’s obvious that the memory of peeling off her jacket to get away from the horse mucus is still strong in her.


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