That Horse on “Deadwood”

It’s Monday morning and the theme of HBO’s “Deadwood” is humming along in my head.  “Deadwood” is famously loaded with swearing and blood. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, plus it under-utilizes actor Brad Dourif (my husband’s observation) and the returning troupe of actors who gripe about stuff but never get to act (my observation). But the language is dandy and if you can stand the dirt and the grit, it’s Must See TV.

Aside from that, the opening credits (also loaded with blood) feature horse galloping in slow-mo through streams crowded with miners panning for gold, through pine forests, and finally into the muddy streets of the miserable town of Deadwood.  Meanwhile, a rollicking and then haunting tune featuring the fiddle runs up and down behind the images.  Finally, there’s a close-up of the  horse, the face in full-frame, the eyes enigmatic. 

Violence, filthy bargains, mayhem.  The horse can only be a horse.


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