Mopey is a little old Morgan horse who is teaching me a lot about riding.  He has adorable little hooves and is about 14.3 hands.  He’s very good at bloating so getting the girth tight takes several (several) tries and Leah alway, always always has to tighten it again once I’ve been riding for a few minutes. He knows that he gets a treat from me both bfore and after the lesson, so when he sees me coming he makes low-key happy “feed-me” noises and fixes me in his gaze with an eager eye until said treat is presented.  He has the following issues:

  • Equine scoliosis (mentioned at least twice in other posts but man, is it ever obvious that he’s crooked!)
  • Cataracts
  • Fear of brooms
  • Fear of a certain blue barrel out in the ring even though he was just out there in the same ring running around the same barrel earlier in the day
  • Fear of trail riding due an unfortunate incident involving a cat and a squirrel inwhich a squirrel ran up over his shoulders and a cat followed, both animals using Mopey like a skate-boarder’s ramp.  The Mopester has never been quite the same.
  • Ability to cut corners in the ring and a bit headstrong about being asked back into the same corners. 

We trotted a lot as I worked on my two-point last night.  The Mopester had lots of energy and we sailed along in the deep, deep sand of the inside ring while tornados threatened the next county over.  But were were fine, all of us in the ring, and didn’t know anything about the warning until much, much later.


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