Small Farmer’s Journal

If only for the geat pictures, both photo and old engravings, take a peek at Small Farmer’s Journal.  I bought a copy at our local Border’s because I was drawn to the oversize nature of the publication, the brown kraft paper cover, and the story on horse’s body language. There’s lots of cool stuff in the publication about issues I had no idea existed, like a government move to keep track of farm animal with chips. And have you ever heard of the foot plow? It’s like a bicycle on sterioids.   Ve pump you up!

What I also like about the publication is the intersection of people who went back to the land in the 70s, people going back to the land now, and Plain People. And there’s lots of pictures of draft horses, all the way from mega big guys down to fjords and haflingers.  Lots of stuff on haflingers. 

While I’m a suburban dweller, I am also a former country dweller and reader of The Mother Earth News, which I found annoying for the relentlessly peppy tone of the prose but enjoyed for the ideas.  As far as country living goes, I didn’t like it, wasn’t very good at it, and made $9 one summer from The Green Beans That Kept on Growing and Refused to die.

These days, my husband and I share a subscription to an organic vegetable farm with another couple and my riding stable is way out in the country (for now).  Yes, I like the country, the air, the challenges, the birds, the woods and water, and then like to come home to the AC and my computer and the big TV and the basement rec room and the gas grill and general cul de sac niftiness.  Suburbia and the sound of lawn mowers! I like it!

Besides, it is the way of my people.


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