The Clothes


Aren’t costumes wonderful?  And don’t they cost a boodle?!?

I am so pleased with my riding pants — I guess they’re show quality but they were on sale when I bought them, I don’t do shows, and dang if they aren’t comfortable!

The tag on mine says “Platinum, A JPC brand.”  They’re full seat and made for a (ahem) wider hip.  I’ve crammed myself into one size smaller than these and I should probably try again since the larger size seems a tad scarcer.  They’ve got the faux suede stuff on the butt and inside the legs, one dear little cell-phone sized pocket, and belt loops.

When I stand, they’re kinda big.  When I sit, they’re are perfect.  They’re velcro at the ankles and the pants are stretchy!!  

Top side, I wear whatever t-shirt is handy during these warmer months. My favorite?  The one that says, “Pay no attention to me.  I am in transit”  (present from Mom). Although any old t-shirt will do.

And on the very top, I always always wear my Troxel helmet despire the general uncoolness of helmets.  We all look uncool in our helmets.


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  1. Yes but we look more uncool with traumatic brain injuries so I say two thumbs up for helmets and I’m glad you wear yours!!!

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