Just Hard Work

Today was one of those just hard work days, a little disappointing after yesterday’s high from the bareback experience.

I was back on the Mope-ster again and he was being silly or cantankerous or some such.  When it was time to groom and tack up, he made big scared eyes at the grooming brush.  I double-checked to make sure the thing hadn’t sprouted fangs or a barbed and poisonous tale.  It hadn’t.  Looked pretty much like it always does, but Mopey was backing away and staring at the thing.

Once in the arena for the lesson, he did the following things:

  • Trotted too fast
  • Played “pony-ride” with the horse in front
  • Refused to go the direction in which he was pointed
  • Stopped for the hell of it.

Leah surmised that he was probably sick of being a good horse all day long with little kids and so was acting up for his own benefit as well as mine. Could be.  “Twas a tad wearisome.  But he was a very good horse about eating his grass when we cooled off after the lesson, eating back and forth in neat swaths, swinging his head like a scythe.


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