What Your Horse Wants You to Know . . .

 . . is a very handy book written by Gincy Self Bucklin. The subtitle is “What your horses’ ‘bad’ behavior means and how to correct it.” It’s one of the many books on horses published by Wiley  and I’ll let you use your own judgement about obtaining a copy to read.

There’s a section in the book on what to do if the horse fusses or fidgets during grooming, exactly what Mopey was up to on Wednesday. It’s nice to know that I was following some of what Bucklin suggested without having read the book first.  I backed off and stopped being in such a big hurry, then just patted him.  I also tried softening my brush strokes when he accepted grooming again because sometimes I get a little too forceful (don’t know my own strength, you know).

Mopey seems to do that; get scared of stuff he’s seen before.

Not that I’ve ever done that.


Um, really.

OK, no, I can’t prove that I’ve never developed a phobia about something that I’ve seen at least a million times.

Omigawd!  I’ve had one of those danged epiphanie-things again, wherein the rider makes a connection between what she sees her horse doing and a thing she’s done herself for years!  Yoiks!


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