The Pedometer

I bought a cheap pedometer at K-Mart several months back when I thought I would try (again) to take up jogging.  Jogging, I have determined, hurts my knees regardless of how much stretching and whatnot takes place beforehand.  Therefore, I will avoid jogging.  Walking is good enough.

So last night during my lesson I clipped it to the waist band of my favorite pants to see what was what.  The device doesn’t work if you stick it in your pocket (I think it needs a larger up-and-down motion to register steps and shoving it in your pocket deprives it of the opportunity to understand what’s happening). 

I was thrilled at the end of the evening to find that I’d logged four miles during the lesson.  Knowing not a thing about equivalencies in physiology (how much riding = how much walking = how much jogging), I don’t know how “real” these miles were but I figure it counts for something.


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