057.JPGIt’s a bit thick, isn’t it, when one is corrected in one’s handling of a horse by a seven-year-old-girl? I mean, how dare this sprat of a thing say anything to me at all about what I’m doing?  Who does she think she is?

Well, for starters, she thinks she’s right.  Which she is. You never should let go of the lead rope while you’re out with the horse. 

I don’t even know how I did it except that holding onto ropes, reins, bits of string, long electrical cords, etc, seems almost beyond my abilities at times. Many times. And I don’t know how it happened, but I just let go of the danged rope and Sadie stepped on it.  As she as she realized her head was “trapped,” she threw her head up, made a panicked sound with her eyes wide and the green grass sticking every which-way from her teeth.  I made one of my oh-my-god-it-is-time-to-die frightened noises also.  They sound much alike.

And there was a seven-year-old child, cruising around on her pony, saying as solemnly as possible, “You’re not supposed to do that, you know.  You should never let go of the rope.”

I thanked her and when back to regaining my composure, the lead rope, and then Sadie.


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