And all this time, I thought it was the bra.

My bra straps slip down off of my right shoulder and I’ve always blamed it on the bra.  “Darn cheap bra,” I’d grumble,then go out and buy an expensive one — or more than likely another cheap-ish (but not cheap-o) bra and within, oh, say, 48 hours, the whole process would repeat itself.  But we all know how danged much fun bra-buying is, now don’t we girls, so I exchanged the frustration and exhaustion of trying on multiple bras for ill-fitting ones.  Trying on bras, for those who do not know, is like getting your eyes examined:

Q:  How’s this one compared to the last one?  Better? Worse?  The same?

A: Um . .

Q:  Better?  Worse?  The same? 

A:  Could we go back and try the first one?

Q:  Sure.  (Moment passes for click of lenses OR changing of bra, which ever is appropriate)  Better?  Worse?  The Same?

A:  I’m . .  . I’m not sure [Thinks:  I need some kind of palate cleanser!]

In the end, you get something that’s better than nothing.  At best, it’s sorta ok.

So the bra thing finally clicked at my last lesson when my teacher told me that I collapse to the right when I ride (She’s told me at least twice before but it takes me about 3 times to hear something). It also made sense when I was trotting down alongside the wall atop Sadie and looking straight at Leah, then noticed I was indeed listing to starboard as I looked at her. 

Listing to starboard (that’s the right side), bras slipping off the right shoulder . . . just coincidence?  I think not. 



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4 responses to “And all this time, I thought it was the bra.

  1. Might be worth getting a chiropractor to look at you. One instructor was constantly getting on my case for tipping over to one side and I thought she was just being a cow until one night when I was riding straight toward the mirror on the side of the arena–good lord, is that ME?

  2. Gosh, I never thought of that. Did the chiropractor help?

  3. Sure did–I was in school at the time, and tended to carry my bookbag on one shoulder, so not only did I lean to that side, my back was all out of whack. Once the chiro cracked me a few times (didn’t realize how sore my back was until he fixed it) I was much straighter. 🙂

  4. Ann

    I also collapse a little, sometimes when I’m in circles or walking/trotting sideways (beacaus I need pressure the hors with my leg from the opposite side) or just because I’m tired.
    The best braw to use is a sports bra, one that crosses in the back and buttons in the front. I find those ones most confortable.
    Regarding your back, you can use a special vest. It will give you support and protect you during falls.

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