Nice Conversation

Had a great talk with a woman yesterday about an Arabian horse she has for sale.  It was really kind of her to take so much time to talk.

Turns out her horse is spoken for, which is probably good because I think it has great blood lines and needs to be part of someone’s breeding program.  Since I do not have a breeding program, she’d be wasted on me. ;^)

We talked a lot about what I need and what I’m looking for and it kind of comes back to an idea that I had some time ago — I need an experienced school horse.  An older horse, not at all green, who is used to people and calm and all that stuff.

I also need to ride more horses and shop and considering $ flow, I’m not in a hurry which is good because I can’t afford it.

I told her that I didn’t care about the color.  Sure, I get excited when I see a picture of a lovely buckskin or a leopard appaloosa, but I recently discovered that while I ride, I do not look at the horse. I look at his ears to see what’s on his mind (The green hose in the corner? The other horse out in the pasture? The scary blue barrel?) and from that vantage point, I can tell that the ears are, for example, brown.

Anyway, she doesn’t know of anything at the moment (*whew!*  What if I meet a horse and fall in love?!?) but invited me to stay in touch. Isn’t that neat?


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