035.JPG Katherine Blocksdorf, the expert for horses, covered the topic of sew-it-yourself riding clothes.  She linked to a company called Suitablity that sells patterns for all kinds of rider clothes, horse clothes, and general stuff like hay and feed bags.  It’s got my attention since I used to sew some (made myself a Renaissance costume a few years ago that was pretty complicated if I do say so myself). The flared breech and jodpur pattern has my attention because if calls for non-stretchy material.  I think it would be fun to have something that doesn’t cling so darn much.  Sometimes I stop off at the grocery after a lesson and I feel awkward and clownish in my stretchy pants.  Since I knit, I’ve been wondering about some way to combine knitting and horses. Could I knit:  – a horse blanket? (Wow, that would take a lot of yarn!)  – leggings to wear under my winter riding tights?  – a darling cover for my helmet?  – some kind of horse-boot? The possibilities, while not endless, don’t lack for cheerful silliness!



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4 responses to “Projects!

  1. Great site. I adore the English riding apparel, but am a little shy about the second skin breeches I sometimes see. I really like the idea of being able to use another type of material.
    A horse blanket would be cute. You could even knit or crochet a design into the blanket, or put the horse’s name into the stitch. Not that they have any doubt which blanket is theirs. What type of yarn do you think would be the most comfortable and durable for a horse blanket?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Perturbed!

    Hm. What kind of yarn. Well . . .LionBrand makes cheap yarn that is washable, so maybe tons o’ LionBrand Woolsease Chunky (or Super Duper Chunky or whatever it is).

    It would take some figuring, that’s for sure, to design a pattern. And one would have to put some kind of fabric tape on the edges and make sure the yarn ends were all tucked in. Snagging would be an issue.

    Now, a *felted* horse blanket — (requiring even *more* yarn)might not snag so much. LionBrand also has a cheap-ish 100% natural wool that is supposed to felt. Oooo, plus you could dye the yarn with Kool-Aid! I’ve never done the latter but ….you’d sure need a lot of Kool-Aid for a horse blanket!

  3. A friend knitted a wither-relief pad for my old shark-finned TB; I got a ton of use out of it. Still have it somewhere.

    Another friend tried to make me a cooler (big and square, no tailoring), but it was a little too big to be practical so I use it as my own blanket. I thought it was a great idea, though!

  4. My sister won a cooler blanket that was crocheted and I’ve often wondered if I were clever enough to crochet those fly masks. I think it would be possible to knit or crochet colourful Arabian style halters if the materials were strong enough too.

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