Good and Bad

My internet connection was so insufferably slow this morning that it rendered even the most casual use an exercise in extreme frustration. I was vexed, vexed beyond hope because I could not take the time this fine rainy morning to find good prices on winter riding boots, such as the Mountain Horse line offered by Dover and by many other fine purveyors of horse accoutrement. 

But now, thanks to the good offices of AT&T/Yahoo/Ameritech/SBC  we have blindingly brilliant and fast connections at all times, speeds that rival human synaptic response like a cat jumping into the air to fell a fleeing moth; anything other than this worse-than-dial-up thing today. And I only ran through 3 tech support people overseas and one nice technician who has Solved The Problem!!!

BUT…..I was going to ride today. And that didn’t work out.  Now I have to wait until Monday.



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