Mountain Horse

Oh my goodness, in my search for Mountain Horse boots I chanced upon the Mountain Horse Web site! Talk about your fantasies!  It’s not just the great sweaters, cool boots, naty and oh-so-chic breeches; it’s the photo shoot.

Yes, as the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated is to devotees of the bikini and sports, this catalogue is to horse enthusiasts. In addition to the stylish and comfy gear, there’s many drool-worthy pictures of horses and people at play in the snow. The horses, according to the copy in the catalogue, are Freibergers, a Swiss horse. Makes sense because the local is St. Moritz and boy oh boy, does it ever look like St. Moritz, a place I know only from 1960s spy movies.

Yes, trendy European models are skiing behind galloping horses, riding their horses through the charming streets of St. Moritz, and drinking hot toddies outside on terraces. The horses are prancing through the snow and pulling sleighs.  There’s even a short movie on the front page of the Web site that shows some horse skiing or skiijorer.

The Mountain Horse catalogue makes you say, “Yeah, I want to do THAT! I want to go do that RIGHT NOW! To heck with everything, were’s my credit card and my travel agent?!?!”

No, I have no financial connection with the company.  *Sigh.*  If only.


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