Knitting for Horses

After my “projects” post the other day and after the great comments, I wonder if perhaps we are on to something here, re: the knitting angle. I’ve almost given up on knitting sweaters for humans because I’ve made three for myself so far and gad, they were foul. And how many scarves does one person need, really?  Or hats?

So far we’ve had the cooler mentioned by Ms. X, and the pad for the withers.  I used to work at a yarn store and one of the books had a photo of knitter, her horse, and a felted lead rope. That lookedlike a nicel thing, plus it would work up fast.  I”ve got about 3 different patterns for knit horse toys but have as of yet to get around to them. 

A knitted horse blanket — now there’s a big old project for you. Maybe a crochet doily thing with a super-big crochet hook so that it wouldn’t take forever. Perhaps a knit and/or crochet fly cover to keep the bugs out of those big eyes?  That sounds fun and possibly do-able.

I like to create things that are fun and useful (and are not sweaters wich can be neither.  I mean, you should have seen the sleeves on those suckers — knitting nightmare come true), so making something by hand that will last is enticing. Other suggestions?



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2 responses to “Knitting for Horses

  1. A few years ago my sister won a cooler that had been crocheted. It was entirely double crochet and I can’t imagine the hours that had gone into it. I’ve toyed with the idea of crocheting fly bonnets, but I’ve not passed the ‘gee what a good idea’ stage.

  2. Are there patterns for horse blankets

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