More Quiet Time with Sadie

Rode Sadie today during a free-ride (free as in there’s no instructor, not freefree.  It’s ok by me – everyone’s got to make a living).  The weather was fantastic — windy and chilly but the sun was out and the trees are at the peak of color right now (those that have not shed their finery yet).  Inside the barn, when I had Sadie in the cross-ties, the wind sounded much worse as it blew around the outside of the old barn.  Blew inside for a bit too and I took a dust-pan off of its wall-hook to eliminate the dust-pan-against-wall rattle that drove me nuts but none of the horses.  Isn’t that odd? It was getting on my last nerve and I thought for sure there’d be protest, but mine was the sole objection.

We went around and around in the ring, me and Sadie.  She’s got such a flat trot that it’s hard at first to post. I have to adjust to her rhythm.  We worked on stopping, starting, and transitioning from a walk to a trot and back down again.  I meant to work on that harder, but the day was so hypnotic that I found myself more often just chatting to the horse and going around and around.  We did some leg yields and we might have done a shoulder-in but I’m not sure, where the horse goes forward but with the front of her body canted at an angle. 

Overhead, a pair of large helicopters went past in a stately fashion.  A man who was there to help for the day (the stable’s having a clinic this weekend) said they were some kind of official helicopter; not the medivac ones, not the state police kind, but something of import and business of the highest and most official kind.  I paused Sadie and I looked up.  The helicopters looked like slimp small blimbs to me.  Sadie stood and waited.

I took the saddle off of her again and felt her muscles work my muscles as we rode together. She’s so warm, she’s a big warm animal on the first chill day of autumn.  When we finished, she came back inside as gentle as a lamb, so I gave her a treat and let her chow on some grass after I put her blanket back on her and fastened the fasteners.


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