Oster Curry Comb

I am in no way shape or form connected with any company that sells anything (like Mountain Horse — I just like the advertising layout) but I’ve just got to plug a product I bought this week.  It’s a curry comb by Oster and I have no idea if the horse likes it or not, but my lord did it feel good on my hands!

It’s round with a neat little handle on the top that you grip like a Mama Libman’s scrub brush and it has a nice elastic band so you can hang it around your wrist or on a nail or something. It’s got a bunch of little rubber “spikes” — and when you massage the palms of your own hands with it, nerve endings are stimulated  in a way that’s pretty unique.  For me, there’s a 1/2 second delay between the time I first brush my palm with the the thing until the nerves say “Hey! That felt nice! Do it again!”  I tested the thing on my own palm first before buying it and I have no idea if the average set of horse skin nerves receive a similar sensation, but I can hope.


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