All-Home-Town Issue

My friend Dawn has a sister named Erica who makes lovely lovely cards.  They are for sale at a very swell store indeed that has tons of great stuff (the neighborhood is also home to a candle store that has scented candles — including a leather scented one!  That’s great because my very first reason for wanting to buy my own saddle was so that I could have a leather-scented something or another to keep in the office but since I bought a Wintec saddle, that didn’t happen. So now I need a leather-scented candle — which the store labels not only leather-scented but lust which one could argue is sort of fitting I guess except that lustdoesn’t really describe the horse-jones).  So yesterday we were poking around in the Short North (also home to a punk cowgirl’s dream restaurant) and went into the swell store because I knew Dawn’s sister’s cards were in there —

— and I broke a very trendy and attractive apothecary jar.  Smash.  Bumped into into it with my big old faux-tapestry adult-lady handbag (Sears, $17) and the darling attractive thing was in shards on the floor.

I bought two cards immediately, one of which feature a carousel horse. They’re expensive but they are little works of art.

I’m keeping the horse one for me, me, me.



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3 responses to “All-Home-Town Issue

  1. Sarah

    Hey, I don’t even have a saddle, and I love Paul’s leather-scent. It’s one of my favorites (along with tomato leaf which is garden-yummy).

  2. I love the Surly Girl Saloon! One of my favorite bars in all of Columbus! 😉

  3. Hi.
    I own the swell store. No worries. I break alot there because A.) I have big feet B.) I am always in a hurry and C.) There is so much stuff it is hard to move around.

    Come back and introduce yourself. No need to be embarassed…hardly a devine decor item. DiPaolo’s cards are my best selling item. Wait until you see the Holiday stuff we are doing together.

    Best and thank you for the kind acknowledgments…


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