Got to admit . . .

I’ve always said, “I’ll never show.  I’m not interested in showing.  Nope. Not me. No way.”  It’s the time, it’s the $, I’m not a child, I don’t have the clothes (or the horse or the skill or the slightest notion of what to do).  In fact, back when I was searching for a school for me, I always prefaced my list of wants with “I don’t want to show or anything like that.”

Now that I’ve been to a nice low-key show on a beautiful day, I’m thinking . . . maybe, maybe.  Possible. It could happen.  And I talked to one of my classmates who was showing. The first time she competed, she rode Mopey.  Now she is considerably more advanced.  

She said, “Sure you can do it, I’ve seen you ride.”  This is the same fantastic person who comforted me when I went to pieces a couple of months ago and started crying (I hate crying in front of people.  Why can’t I just do it by myself?).  She told me that everyone, EVERYONE, feels that way about riding at some point. 

And wouldn’t it be kind of fun to have the dressage wardrobe? 


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