Kitten Rescue Among Other Things

Yesterday’s free ride was an opportunity to ride darlin’ Sadie of the Blue Blue Eyes and also an opportunity to go over some of those jump-pole things except on the ground. Just poles, right? Right. OK. It was yet another thing that made me nervous on Stalker the other night, when I had my smallish breakdown.  Just walking over the poles let alone trotting was not working well for me. Worked just fine yesterday for both Sadie and moi.  I even tried closing my eyes a couple of times as we walked over the poles, so as to keep from myself the chance of seeing anthing that might unerve me — like the pole we were preparing to walk over. 

I endorese closing one’s eyes during safe and secure work.  I did that once at the barn before last.  My teacher, Laura, had the horse Vegas on the longe line and to practice my balance, I closed my eyes.  Like a horse wearing blinkers, closed eyes took away all the extra spooky things that will leap out and grab me if I make eye contact with them.  Hey, the horse sees ’em too, just not the same ones. And the really great thing about closed eyes is that at a moment’s notice, Pop! you can open them again! Ha!

Right, the kitten.  Leah is working hard to save a small kitten that’s been abandoned by its mom.  The eyes are open but the tiny tiger-striped thing needs some extra care, so Leah kept in inside of her shirt, safe and warm.  Awww!!! And what a good idea!  I know, there’s a blue million too many cats in the world and we don’t need any more but there’s something about saving one of something that’s so danged sweet.


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