Cats on YouTube: Like I Need Another Obsession

I don’t understand how I get interested in this stuff or how I get so paralyzed by it, but did you know that you can watch videos of kittens on YouTube? My favorites so far are “Moos plays with feather” because it is so amazing how the Django music works perfectly at moments with the frantic batting of the feather performed by Moos.

There are also some swell  videos of bengal cats (a handsome breed!) performing amazing stunts inside of cat treadmills. The videographer has several more bengal videoes, as do other enthusiasts.  My but they are lovely!

My favorite this far, however, is “4 1/2 minutes of kittens” —which now I can’t find by searching but it’s out there someplace.   I mean, I’m telling my husband about it! “And then the kittens did this! And then they did that! And one of them lost its toy and so it started playing with its foot and then it lost its foot!  Oh my God it was so cute!”

Pitiful. Me, not the cats.


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  1. Stuff On My Cat .com

    Because I’m sure you need more distractions… 🙂

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