The Five Doors of the Horse

Sounds like a cross between the Doors of Perception by Huxley or Five Ringsby Musashi.  It’s not.

The horse, according to my teacher, has five doors.  One door lets the horse go forward and another one lets it go back.  The third door lets the horse go to the right (or left) and the fourth door lets the horse go left (or right). The fifth door lets the horse go straight up.  For now, we are sticking with the first four.  I forgot to ask if there’s a sixth to make a cube (down? Ugh. Never mind….)

When I release the pressure with one leg, I’m opening the door to let the horse through.  If I want to open a door in the other direction, I apply pressure with the other leg (I’m only talking left and right doors here, not front and back ones and certainly not the trap door at the top that goes out onto the roof).

It sounds like major “duh” stuff except when you are riding or except when I’m riding.  While I work on doing something with one leg  (one of my legs), I totally forget about the other leg.  Usually it comes forward while my toe points at an unnatural angle. 

Then there’s my hands.  Today, to get the right feel for things, I held onto the saddle and noticed the position of my elbows. The idea was not to bump Sadie in the mouth so much, to keep my hands still.  Gosh, I hope I havn’t been bumping her in the mouth too much! 

Then for heck of it, Leah asked me to scissor my legs back and forth at a walk.  Sadie bent one way, then  the other, then the other — probably wondering what in the heck I thought I was doing — which gave me a nice feel for how much I can actually do with my legs.

So when we go around in a circle, we are opening and closing doors just a bit here and there, back and forth. 


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