Today’s Tidbits

1.  Keep that leg back and relaxed at the same time.  When my leg is tight, then my toes point out. 

 2. Be aware of my body.

3.  Headlights (and we all have two on our chests, boys and girls) point in the same direction that the horse is going.  They do no good shining out into the woods.

4.  The leg: back.  The thigh: vertical

5.  Go deep into the corners.  Move Sadie’s butt over first.  Keep doing it — it’s not good to ask sometimes because then she’ll never listen at all.  Don’t let her take short cuts!

6. Ride every minute I am on the horse.

7. Punctuate feet-out-of-the-stirrups workouts with a few minutes of posting.  It helps clear Sadie’s brain.

8.  The leg? Keep it loooooong.

9.  Stop drawing the leg up like a  jockey when using it to apply pressure to the horse’s side. Keep the leg loooooong.

10.  Get the danged girth tight! 

I see a pattern here — isn’t it amazing what writing something out tells you?  Today my writing tells me that I need to work on my leg.


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