Busy Writing: NaNoWriMo

It’s already day 4 of National Novel Writing Month! Every time I try to add the link, it goes to pieces!  It’s www.nanowrimo.org!

I’ve launched intoNational Novel Writing month  again, third year in a row. First two years I had nice starts but didn’t finish anything.  This year, it’s going to be different.  I’ve made myself a little chart on a piece of graph paper and I’ve figured out how many words I have to end up with each day to stay in the race.  None of this “I’ll make it up later” stuff because later never, ever gets here.

So to stay on top, you’ ve got to write something like One Thousand Six-Hundred and Sixty-Five words per day for 30 days.  I’ve got two out-of-town weekends this month (always happens in November) so I’ve got to pull ahead somehow and keep it up.

Last year I did it by hand because I liked (and still like) writing in pencil in faux-marble composition books.  But it’s not the way it is done these day.

The experience? You know perfectly good and well that you are churning out mounds and mounds of crap (and this year I’m doing Fantasy and there’s lots o’folks out there doing Fantasy) — but sometimes something takes fire and you just push on and write like the wind and something pretty good or funny happens or you write something and say, “that might stay in the ‘keep it’ batch.”  Or it may not.  There’s no way to tell.

So I’ve been doing that, working on some volunteer stuff that is totally about the election, and also trying to get a thing or two done about working for a living — and riding with Sadie.  Why is it that a drive across town to a job in another suburb seems like a total insult to my being but the drive out to the stable is of no concern to me whatsoever?


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  1. NaNo! I randomly decided to try it this year, just so I’d have something legitimate to use for procrastinating on work. I’m actually enjoying this edit-less writing process.

    Good luck with yours!

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