Oh dear — Not

The horse in question is waaaaay out of my budget.  I can’t help it — I’m relieved (if anyone’s got an emoticon of someone wiping the sweat from their forehead, I could use it).

I feel like buying a horse is like jumping off a bridge or something and having faith that everything will be fine — or being so wealthy that it doesn’t matter.  I don’t want to bang on the money thing  because it’s nothing special — we’ve all got a money-thing, right? — but I’m banging on the money thing anway.

Anyway, rode Mopey today and now that he understands I’m a better rider, he’s persnickety about stuff and won’t go forward or goes forward too much, so I’ve got to wave the dressage whip at him so that he’ll pay attention.  He’s such a crooked old boy and he’s fuzzy right now due to some cold snaps, so between the mud and the fuzz and his jagged spine, he looks like heck warmed over. But I got him to do the sideways thing a few times (3 steps to the side, 2  steps forward, 3 to the. . .Hey! I said 3!!!  Not 1.5!).

So, the semi-quest continues.


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