Oh Dear — For Real!!

I bought a horse!  I bought a horse! Ohmigod I bought a horse!!!!!

The school had a perfect horse and I bought her!!!! She’s an 8 year old TB mare who doesn’t fit into the school’s program because she has no  interest whatsoever in jumping or going fast (just like me!!!)!!!  She’s a big dark bay with a prehensile upper lip and other than getting used to the size of her stride, I do believe she’s the nicest horse I’ve ever ridden! 

I’m so profoundly lucky — I was sheparded through the process by my instructor and a grad student at the school, both whom know me and know what they are about.  They wouldn’t steer me wrong any more than they’d do anything to put the horse at risk because they are swell folk!!!

So.  Her name is Gabby.  She’s sweet.  She’s sweeeeeeeet!  She’s a big old sweetie-kins!  My Good Lord, I’ve wanted this for years!  Since I was . ..what, nine?  And then again as an adult, when I actually lived out in the country, I wanted one but due to Circumstances ‘twould ne’r happen. And then there was another time I wondered if I could have one and keep it on a friend’s property but felt that would be too much to ask; in impostition on friendship and hospitality.

And now, now, I’ve got a horse and a horse has me. A &*&^ HORSE!!!!

I do not believe it.  It’s hard to be happy in some ways because I just do not believe it.  

I pinch myself.


I must be awake, I must. I shall try it again.


Yep, I’m awake.  Awake and a horse owner!

Raise high the roofbeam carpenters! Yonder comes the mare, far taller than a short horse!



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3 responses to “Oh Dear — For Real!!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! You’ll have to share pics!

  2. She sounds like a great match for you! Congratulations! And I agree–pictures!

  3. ann

    congratulations! welcome to the wonderful world of horse ownership – you will be broke, but happy!

    ps. this is the voice of experience – my daughters both ride and we have a dutch warm blood paint.

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