With Gabby

Yesterday sorta stunk. If it weren’t for Sam, one of the young students, it would have completely stunk.  Gabby slipped out of the cross ties in a most dramatic fashion while I was grooming her and it scared the dickens out of me. *sigh*  There’s so much to get used to.

The barn was alive with clanging and stamping yesterday; the vet came for a visit, there were lots of people, and Gabby is new to the whole scene so she didn’t like it.  And when she wanted to get away, she couldn’t. So she reared up on her hind legs in the cross ties, slipped out of the halter (I must not have had the damn thing fastned right — which I now think might have been good but I’m just not sure), wheeled about, and made her way out of the barn to crop grass.  The nice thing that I’ve noticed so far about spooking horses is that as soon as they see food, they calm down. 

I yelled for help.  “Help!” I yelled, “Gabby is loose!” Oh, the first thing I did was run to an empty stall for safety, then yell for help, then get her halter free of the cross ties.  Meanwhile, brave Sam ran outside and called to her.  We managed to get her back into her stall and I went to talk to Leah.  Leah was dealing with a lesson, a vet, and the potential impending death of a horse (not on site, but it didn’t look good as of Friday). And then she was dealing with me.  Which she did in an excellent fashion by reminding me that no one there was going to judge me and to just let the adreneline out.

Upshot: I took Gabby to a different set of crossties (across from the young stud colt who huffed and snorted at her while Sam told him to shut up), got her tacked, got her outside and, somewhat shakily, mounted her.  “Stay calm,” said Sam.  “I don’t know if I can do this,” I said.  “Stay calm,” said Sam, untwisting my stirrups for me. And we did fine.  Just fine. 


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  1. One of my horses knows how to slip her halter if I tie her. She starts rubbing on the strap over her poll and pretty soon she is wandering around – the halter is just hanging from the lead rope. Lucky I am at my own place because it would be so embarrassing at a public facility. I have tried using different halters, rope, web, leather, etc, but then I figured out that I have to tie a second strap around her neck and link them together. It took me a while to realize it wasn’t because I was putting the halter on wrong.

    You really can’t blame a horse for wanting that moment of freedom when they have slipped out of your control.

    I love your blog, keep up the good work.

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