Today was too cold to ride.  Leah called me — but my cell phone didn’t take the call and I got her message 3 hours later so I was at the barn anyway.

Leah suggested that we go to the inside ring and just kind of fool around together and for a few minutes I thought I might indeed do that but then thought better of it and instead sat down on a hale bale with a book and a rapidly cooling mug of tea and a spare cat and just looked at Gabby.  I called her name once or twice and rubbed her on her muzzle, then watched her outside as she ran around a bit with another mare.  They approached each other nose to nose, then were head to head as if they would both groom each other along the neck.  After that, they trotted back and forth and Gabby made some kicking motions at the other mare that were received with indifference, from what I could tell.  A few more trots back and forth across the sand arena produced more of the same.  I called her name once or twice and she looked at me.  That was nice!  And then it got too cold and I left, off to Christmas shop.

Perhaps sitting on a hay bale and looking up at her was not the best thng to do — she looked even more enourmous from that vantage point then when I  lead her by her halter. I watched the groom who took her outside. He puts on her halter and leads her out, no nonsence, one-two, one-two, and it’s up to her to watch her big head which clonks up agains the lower rafters.  She didn’t even spook when she clonked her head, just kept on going. 


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  1. Hey! Sounds like you and Gabby are making progress! It takes time to get used to/really get to know a new horse, but from the last few posts you’ve made, it sounds like your barn/trainer are awesome–what a great atmosphere to be in!

    And sorry about the cold front. I think it’s the one we finally kicked out of here–it seems to be wrecking havoc across the US. Stay warm!

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