To Study the Art of Falling

So does anyone out there have any hints or tips about how to fall?  How do you train your arms to stay close to your body instead of trying to brace with them?  Is it a Martial Arts thing? A Yoga thing? I’ve thought about trying to fall (when no one is around, of course) from different heights (short heights —  Webster’s Unabridged, the bottom rung of a step ladder, a piece of firewood) onto different surfaces to try and figure out the best way to do it.  Would it be wise to simply fall down from a standing position with arms crossed?  How about tucking and rolling? Is learning to tuck the chin good or bad? Or neither? And there’s always the example of poor Mr. Reeve and how do we explain that to our loved ones?



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3 responses to “To Study the Art of Falling

  1. I don’t know but man, this could be a great, great essay. (Falling as a metaphor, or an actual narrative about learning how to fall and looking at how various people fall — trapeze artists? Wrestlers?)

  2. You buy a horse who over-arches his back over every fence, so you fall off after every jump. Eventually, you will 1) be a pro at falling safely and 2) figure out how to stay on, because you can’t afford the dry cleaning bill on your show breeches.

    Kidding! I learned to fall via flying dismounts, although it’s true the Super Saint jumped me out of the saddle. I put a post on my blog so I wouldn’t take up all your comment space.

    But I think anything you could do that would give you practice at holding your arms in and rolling with the fall (even falling backwards into dirt/onto pillows, etc) would be a good thing. Half the battle is having that muscle memory to help you out during the chaos of an unplanned fall.

  3. I am going to ask my brother to post something here. He has being doing martial arts for 25+ years. I suspect that he will say roll with it. I am pretty sure that rolling uses up the energy of the fall better than splatting. I am really adept at splatting though.

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