Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

Thanks to Halt-Near-X for asking.  Now I must find more victims participants.

1) I have my MA in English, concentration on Drama.  Yes, I will work for $7 an hour BUT I can tell you how the theatre describes the changing relationship between Man and God (Greek tragedy), Man and the State (Shakespeare) and Man and God again (Beckett’s Waiting for Godot). By the time you get to Beckett, the answer is pretty much Never Mind, God, But Thanks for Putting Up With Us.

2) My husband and I met through the Internet.  The thought of missing each other and never meeting makes us both feel crazy-loopy-scared and greatful for and to a certain database.

3) We are the only people in the world who went to Lost Wages (aka Sin City) NOT for the purpose of gambling. We spent exactly $5.15 on machines and won $10.82. *Whew!*

4) While shopping for a ‘fridge a few years ago, a friend suggested I could get one with an ice-maker.  When I glared at him, he rolled his eyes and said, “Too decadent for you, right?”

5) It is very easy for me to find the chords A, Am,C, C7, C9, D, E, Em, F, G and G7 on the guitar but I forget B, Bm and all of the others.

OK, 5 others: Dawn, Jenn, Ana, Defrost, MiKael



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5 responses to “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

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  3. OK, so does this mean that I’ve been tagged. If so, I’m new to this and not sure how I go about tagging someone else. Do I need html skills I know nothing about??

  4. #2-I know a few very, very happy couples who met this way. If I should ever find myself widowed, divorced, or some way single after being married for over 17 years, I would definately do this.

    #3-I am thinking about getting the hubs to go to Las Vegas for a quick getaway at the first of the year. I so hope he goes for it, neither of us are gamblers either.

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