Gabby is Sick

Gabby has a fever. The vet saw her this morning and by tomorrow we’ll know the results of her blood work. 

She doesn’t toss her head up in the air and look eagerly at visitors. She stands with her head down, her lower lip trembling a bit. She only sips at her water which is very unusual for her. Normally, there is a river of urine running from Gabby’s stall to the drain in the middle of the floor. She was eating when I left due to the horse aspirin (whatever; it brings down the fever) and the vet wasn’t panicking. But if the blood work comes back Bad, then she’s off to the hospital.

So I took off her blanket to give her a nice grooming, picked out her feet, brushed her again with her soft brush (the one with the Queen’s seal of approval on it), put her blanket back on her, talked to Leah and Dennis (they are split 50/50 — one says she’ll get better right away, the other says she’ll get worse first), then came on home.

My cell phone’s at the ready. 



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3 responses to “Gabby is Sick

  1. I just discovered your blog. I just adopted my first horse after taking lessons for 7 months. I hope Gabby is OK.

  2. Hope Gabby feels better soon.

  3. How scary. 😦 Any idea what it might be? I hope you both feel better soon; keep us posted.

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