Gabby is Sick III

I’m optimistic — went out to see Gabby today. While there’s still no lab results, she’s definitely eating and drinking — not as much as usual but there are inputs and outputs.  She also looked up when I came in, pushed her giant horse lips against the sides of her stall and begged for treats. She of course was not given any treats but I was so relieved.  I think a begging animal is a healthy animal.

The Vet was there also (just coincidence — I didn’t know he’d be coming) and he says to just keep her on the medication since it is working. No need to make any changes at this time.

I stood in her stall with her and rubbed her head. It was very sweet. She tucked her head  under my arm and when I rubbed her just under her foreolock, her eyes got heavy. I also rubbed the front of her broad head and rubbed and scratched along her neck.  She is not the happiest of horses at the moment, but there’s nothing to panic about. 

It was so sweet to just stand there with her and rub her head.  This is the first time that I’ve been able to do something that she seems to really enjoy (other than giving her food). It was a very nice, nice time. So simple. So perfect.



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2 responses to “Gabby is Sick III

  1. I’ve been thinking of you both–I’m glad to hear she’s eating and drinking more (and begging!).

    I hope things continue to improve!

  2. Me too, I hate it when they’re sick. I feel so helpless and they can’t talk to tell you how they feel. I hope she continues to improve.

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