Gabby is Sick IV

I tried to walk her today and she kept stopping.  Then when I took her blanket off of her to groom her, Leah noticed that her muscles were trembling just underneath the skin. Gabby was also almost too stiff to reach down and get her hay, plus she wasn’t as chipper as she’d been the day before.

So Leah called the vet again who looked at her again and this time said he thinks she might have a herpes/rhinovirus thing. Different symptoms than the stuff that some other horses had last month.

So Gabby is now in Horse Hospital, in isolation after having her blood drawn, fluid taken from her abdomen, and a complete ultrasound.  No speculation at this point and the blood work is inconclusive.  I stood around while the doctors said a bunch of stuff I didn’t understand.  Tomorrow they’ll call me and tell me a bunch more stuff that I don’t understand.

She was awfully good during the exam. Didn’t offer to kick or raise holy hell or do anything.  I held her head and rubbed her face.

Will work for vet bills.



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7 responses to “Gabby is Sick IV

  1. I am indeed OK but probably mostly because I still can’t get over the idea that I own a horse let alone a sick one. I own a sick horse. Good night. But it could be much worse. The experienced barn owner kept insisting that there was a problem. If she hadn’t done that and if Gabby wasn’t in a position to be admitted to a good equine facility, then the horse would probably die.

  2. Maureen

    Def. thinking of you! I am so sorry…hang in there!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds like Gabby is in a place that will take care of her. It scares me to death, something happening to my new baby girl.

  4. I’m so sorry; hugs to you both. It sounds like she’s getting the best love and care, and that’s important.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that your horse is now in the hospital. Hopefully they will be able to help her. Hang in there.

  6. Erica

    Very sorry to hear about Gabby! I really hope she will be ok soon. I was just reading about EHV — here’s a link that might be helpful:

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