“Jane Doe” is a woman with a sick horse who, on the recommendation of a veterinarian, has her horse in the hospital of a major equine health facility at a midwestern university which is famous for football.  The horse has a range of mysterious symptoms that look sorta like the herpes/rhino thing, sorta like a bad virus, sorta like a big bad series of orthopaedic problems in the neck and left front, sorta like huh? To make matters much more jolly, the available lab results are inconclusive. No news is good news, right?  So the lab work is being spun out or centrifugalized in an autoharp or whatever and the bone pictures are being taken by horse bone doctors and the phone is not ringing. It’s been 5 hours shy of 48 since the horse was admitted to the hospital.  How depressed will Jane Doe be in 96 hours about her horse, her decision to buy a horse, her decision to take riding lessons,  her birth, her parents’ marriage, and her ancestors’ decision to immigrate to America because if they had just stayed home none of this would have happened??????

Let X equal the amount of depression after 96 hours

Let G equal Good News

Let B equal Bad News

Let ? equal Uncertainty

Let LR equal Lab Results

Let TD equal the amount of Time  to Deliver News

Solve for X



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2 responses to “Algebra

  1. I cant solve the equation but I’ve seen some amazing recoveries in horses with grave illnesses. The hardest part is eliminating all the possibilities. Vets will throw out tons of scary terminology… Don’t get too ahead of yourself…Hang in there! I really hope it works out.

  2. I told you — I hate math. I’m thinking about you (and Gabby)!

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