Probably Not Herpes

According to the doctor, it’s probably not herpes — which is fantastic because then they can get her OUT of the isolation stall.  As of last night, however, the results weren’t back from the lab so there was no confirmation.  I’m going to go see her today and then make a pest of myself if she’s still in isolation because it costs. I saw some horse herpes pictures, by the by, and they were ghastly so though I have not yet gotten that up close and personal with Gabby, it’s nice to know I don’t need (probably) to look for the ghastliness. And thank you Erica for your information!

But she still won’t move around although the Bute has eased her pain.  And she’s got a problem in either her left shoulder or high up on her left leg.  When they palpitated her, she almost went to her knees in pain.

X-rays are fine as far as what x-rays can show so BUT the doctor has suggested a bone scan to find out exactly what and where the problem lies.

Did I mention that the reason the school I bought her from didn’t want her anymore was that she wouldn’t jump?  And did I worry?  No. Why? Because I don’t jump so why should I worry? Hmm……


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