Time at the Horse Hospital

Her Gabbyness is still in isolation because her test results aren’t back.  I’m not entirely confident that her samples have been tested yet because for heaven’s sakes why should anything happen quickly? So I’m paying extra for isolation costs and yes, the doctor knows about my general unhappiness with this situation.  He’s a great guy, though (in fact, everyone there seems pretty great) so there’s no sense in being mean about it.  However, I’ve got to show a little butt because that’s the way this evil world works.  Oh yes indeed, how many times has being nice gotten me in trouble?

Yesterday I spent time in isolation with Gabby.  The tech helped me to suit up (boot covers, paper coveralls, purple latex gloves) and explained the best way to keep the contaminated stuff in the dirty area and how to keep the clean area clean.  I spent about a half an hour rubbing Gabby’s head, looking at her, and feeding her carrots.  She’s still way twitchy on that left side.

Her fever’s down, by the by, and she is eating.  The doctor thinks the whole cause of the fever is this internal inflammation and some of her blood work is consistent with this.  There’s a protein or something that gets elevated when there’s internal inflammation that’s not the infectious, septic kind.  Normal is 400 and Gabby scored a 900.

The orthopaedic doctor came and took a look at her, and I was around for that too.  He flexed her in the stall and thinksthat her flexion was better, although her poor muscles twitched like a bunny nose some more. Then they took her outside and trotted her a wee bit under observation.  She does a funny thing with her left front leg, sorta sends it out and around presumably in an attempt to avoid whatever is causing her problems.

The word “lame” was used more than once.



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2 responses to “Time at the Horse Hospital

  1. Erica

    Grrrr — waiting for those test results is frustrating!! Especially when you’re paying mucho moola for Gabby’s stay in the clinic! In a way, it’s sounding more promising though, isn’t it? Maybe the twitching is just part of the infection, and when that goes away, she will regain all normal use of her leg. Here’s hoping!

  2. I hope this gets resolved soon for you. I know its frustrating waiting for answers. It’s not my favorite thing to do either.

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