Good New:  No Herpes

No News: The results of yesterday’s bone scan:  Inconclusive. Inconclusive? Now what?

Facts:  The horse is in a lot of pain.  They’re calling it a Grade 3 level of pain

Other Facts:  The equine facility knows that I am unhappy with the mounting costs of this adventure.  Yes, I had to do it for the safety of the other horses in the barn AND for the sake of Gabby but Holy Sinkhole Batman, she’s been in isolation for one week and we only just now found out that she doesn’t have anything communicable. 

I apologzied to the doctor for being such a pain and I hate being a pain. I was raised to be nice so it hurts to have to call and gripe. 

The Future:  Not bleak; but unkown other than no one will be riding Gabby for quite some time (at least a year).

Possibilities:  Breed her.  She’s a TB mare and a foal with be worth something. I guess. Whatever.  I don’t know. 

My teacher assures me that if this had happened while Gabby was at her old home, she would have been put down, so I’m doing a wonderful thing and I guess I rescued her.  I never wanted to rescue anybody. I never wanted to get into the horse business either and seems like the whole breeding thing is The Horse Business writ large.  Mind you, I live in the suburbs (we have one of those highway sound walls in the back yard because A Major Interstate Runs Through It rather than a river) and commute to the barn.  I don’t want a place out in the country, I don’t want to fix fences, drive through mud, cross my fingers when the power goes out, gather and split firewood, etc etc.  I did all of that in a previous life and there’s no way I’m moving back out into the country. The country is for escapes and vacations. The suburbs are for day-to-day living (The Proper Way to Live for Me). What all this rambling means is that I’m going to be boarding a horse and I can’t board more than one.

The horse-thing is taking a turn for the . . .well . . .a different turn.  Not what I expected, that’s for sure.



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5 responses to “Results:

  1. Oh man — I feel so frustrated for you. I wish, I don’t know, that it would turn out that Gabby’s gonna poop gold manure or something. Rats.

  2. Dang. I was really hoping to hear there were definite results. As you were, I’m sure. dawnfriedman’s right: what a frustrating situation for you to be in.

    Are the vets giving you at least some sort of next-step-forward plan, like moving her out of isolation (even home?) while you decide what’s next?

  3. The vets are suposed to give me an plan tonight. Yesterday, they were going to give me a plan this morning.

  4. I took a mare in with a very similar situation… She was intended to be a competition worthy dressage horse and ended up with some serious issues that prevented her from being able to do much more than light work (walk/trot) The trainer recommended to the owner to find her a home and get another horse that she could continue her education with. It did take some work on her part as I was not the first attempt at placing her. She is a TB/Connemara cross and now (as of july) a registered sport horse. Meaning I can register her foals and hopefully make some pretty decent money. My point is, you have her because you want to ride, and you want to progress, right? You didnt want to breed her or have a just a pet that you couldn’t ride. However, some people want exactly that… They have the space and desire to breed or perhaps need a good companion horse for another horse. Chances are she will be rideable again hopefully, I’m assuming.
    If not, maybe consider trying to find her a new home. Devon’s previous owner has another horse now which is much better suited to her and is competing, she still visits, and eventually would like to purchase one of the foals. Not that I would ever sell Devon , but should I choose to, she has 1st right of refusal. We are both happy with the outcome and last but not least, Devon loves her new home. I don’t know if Gabby’s fate is already determined as far as not riding etc. by the Vets, but
    if it isn’t the right thing for you there are other options. It does work out sometimes. I wish you both the best of luck

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