The Probable and/or Possible Cause

What exactly does Gabby have and how did she get it?  Excellent question and the one that has plagued us all for a couple of weeks.  This  is the hypothesis posited by the vets, one that makes experienced horse owners nod in agreement:  At some point, Gabby got an infection.  She might have had pneumonia, she definitely cut her nose and had to have it stitched up, or something else could have happened.  She got some kind of infection that seemed to run its course or never present itself much. BUT, the bacteria wandered around her body and set up shop (the phrase of the good vet Dr. Johnson) in the tip of one of the bones that constitute the withers.  It’s not the result of an ancient accident, I did not buy a lame horse, I am not the victim of a giant conspiracy (Oswald did indeed act alone). 

I feel much calmer and I feel much happier for Gabby. 


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  1. That’s much less frightening! I’m glad you’re feeling better about it.

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