Our Will and Pleasure

When I was hiding behind the vet students, the wall, etc, watching Gabby “load,” it really brought home how much horses are our creatures.  They are dependent on us for food and healthy conditions, yet they often do not want to do what we want them to do, like load up on a trailer.  Their breeding, height, weight, temperament, etc, has been determined for years by humans.  Even wild horses (with the exception of Przewalski’s Horses) aren’t really wild the way, oh, a raccoon is wild or a deer is wild.  I mean, who breeds raccoons?  Who would want to breed a raccoon? And why?

But horses, horses are the way they are because that’s the way they are, but the modern horse is all about humans and what humans want.   I felt like such a brute, watching all of the attempts to load Gabby even though I never touched her; maybe more of a brute for just watching even though I was no help.

I sound like I’m kicking myself and really, I’m not kicking too hard.  Gabby’s OK and she’s in a nice stall at a nice stable with people who like her — Black Beauty this isn’t.

But all of the trappings of horse care are so much about us, about humans, and about how we deal with and relate to horses.  And they serve us at our will and pleasure, like political appointees.


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