Gabby: New stall and happy

Leah moved Gabby to another stall, mostly to make room for poor old Jim.  Poor old Jim has a slowly healing crater-like wound on his back that has been radiated, debrided, cleaned, protected with a hat (over the summer, a straw hat was duct-taped to his back to keep the flies off and to allow ventilation — I thought he was wearing some kind of special event costume at first)., and generally fussed over and cared for.  He can’t, however, wear a blanket.  So Jim was moved back to the warmer stalls (which is where Gabby hung out) to keep him warm and as blanket-free as possible.  Since the back of the Big Freeze is broken (I hope I hope I hope!!!!) it will hopefully work out.  They do the best for him that they can at the barn.

Gabby, meanwhile, is liking her new digs. She doesn’t drink as much water as she did and seems perky and alert.  I visited her yesterday before my lesson on Mopey and was greeted with a “got any treats?” snort.  She looks fine.  The doc will take some blood next week and check her fibrinogen levels, plus she can have light turn-out now.  Another couple of weeks and we go back to horse hospital (oh joy) for a check-up.  I promised Leah I’d help with the loading this time.  Leah said not to worry about it, but obviously I do.  I feel morally obligated to be there when she’s loaded up and also that I need to learn how to do this or at least not hide during the proceedings. Gah.



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2 responses to “Gabby: New stall and happy

  1. First of all I really like where Gabby lives. Leah is the right kind of person to be in charge, with good compassion and good horse sense. You should see how poorly some barns are run! You’ve got a good one there.
    Even after loading and unloading horses for years I’ve never been comfortable about the whole process. Step back and just let Leah be in charge. It’s ok.

  2. Molly! Praise for Leah all the way from Mexico! That’s so cool. Thanks so much for reading and posting your good words.

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