Not enough ‘Bute?

Today the vet came out to draw Gabby’s blood and after looking at her and her still-twitching muscles and stiffness said she hasn’t been on enough ‘Bute.  I can’t remember the dosage she’s been on but according to the doctor, not enough for a horse of her size. 

I payed $2K to the Horse Hospital for a diagnois  of “We Don’t Know For Sure But We Think It’s This Infection Thing Over Here — And Oh Yeah The Seven Days of Isolation Probably Wasn’t Necessary But That’s Not Our Fault Either” and a perscription of Not Enough Bute?

I don’t wan’t to scatter criticism like rice at a wedding here, but it seems like everything, EVERYTHING is taking sooo looooong.  Why is the visiting vet just now saying she’s not been on enough pain medication?  And if I tell that to the doctors at the Horse Hospital, won’t they just disagree and after all there are so many of them and it’s a world-class facility and just how much do you know about equine medicine, lady?

What in blazes am I supposed to do for this horse?!? How am I supposed to know?!?

 (Insert image of person banging head on brick wall here)

Oh, I bought her a Jolly Ball. Bet that turns out to be exactly the wrong thing too.


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