It Ain’t Me, Babe

It’s time to take Gabby out for a little walk, a task I did not realize I was dreading until Leah suggested that someone else do it for her first time out in three weeks.  Gabby will probably spook, start, dance, kick, etc which means that (more than likely), I would do the exact same things.  I didn’t really know I was dreading it until I was talking to Dennis and when the subject came up and I made noises like “yeah, sure, I was thinking about doing it any minute now maybe,” he suggested I be extra careful because of the ice.

“It would be awful if she fell,” I said.

“Or if she fell on you,” said Dennis.

That kind of closed the book on the whole issue for me as my ever-inventive brain began to run movies of what it would be like to see 1200+ pounds of bay TB mare falling on me and what it would feel like to go under her bulk.  I also watched “Night and Day” over the weekend, a bio pic about Cole Porter that is more true to its era (1946) than life (it leaves out the awkward bits) and the horse-falling-on-Cole-Porter scene (in Glorious Technicolor!) was also fresh in my mind. I was very very grateful indeed for Leah’s input about a more experienced horse handler (like Dennis) taking her out. 

What I can do today is go out and ride pregnant Sadie who needs some work-out time (I did that yesterday) or Mopey Moe for the same reason.  It’s nice to be useful.



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5 responses to “It Ain’t Me, Babe

  1. I very nearly TIVO’d night and day because Cary Grant is always someone to make me happy. (sigh)

  2. Fortunately, the real Monty Woolley provided a note of jovial gay diversity to the movie. Grant’s portrayal sanitized all of the fizz out of Porter — but such were the times.

  3. I’m glad that you got someone to help you with the first handwalk after a long stall rest. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it. it’s better not to. Maybe, when it is your time to do the hand walking, you could have some support with you. That might add to your confidence. Good luck.

  4. Here’s my own personal chicken$1it rule: if I’m scared to do something with a horse, I don’t do it. The horse will sense it, and my nerves will interfere with the good sense and responses I know I have. Don’t fret y’self. 🙂

  5. Erica

    Fear is an interesting thing. It can be totally gut-based or actually quite sensible. It’s one thing to jump headlong into doing something that you have no experience with and that could be very dangerous (like leading your stall-bound horse on ice), and another thing to imagine every possible awful thing that could happen every time you hop on your horse! I’m using visualization to help me relax when I get on my young horse, which is very unnatural to me (to relax). And I used to be very scared of leading my older horse because he would take off on me. But if you take it one little step at a time, eventually you’ll get the confidence you need. Having someone with you to provide support is a good idea!

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